Yet another Cristiano Ronaldo post…

It’s hard to be Cristiano Ronaldo.  No, it’s not because he’s a worldclass football player, rich, tan within an inch of his life, or (to most women…and men) “good-looking”, it’s hard to be CR7 because of the massive ego a person needs to develop to even come close to mimicking this guy.  In all honesty, I think even the almighty God gave himself a pat on the back when he found out he can make a man with so much self-gratification.  I mean CR7 trips on how highly he thinks of himself.  If everyone had half of the repletion Ronaldo had, psychology books would erase depression out of its vocabulary.  And that’s an understatement.

Here’s how his interviews go down:

On an individual level I give my season a 10, but collectively we are a 9 because we want to win more – the Champions League for example.

So what Ronaldo means to say is, even though Real Madrid demolished La Liga and probably played the most mechanical football out there– say scoring a bajillion goals for no particular reason — he’ll still rate himself above the team.  I get his point. Who really needs a Mesut Ozil to start the plays…who needs a Benzema or Higuain to help the team score…hell who even needs Casillas as a goalkeeper?  If the one man battleship, aka Cristiano Ronaldo, is on the team, might as well save the money and just put him on the pitch.

I know it seems like we’re writing him off…but at the end of the day, we theoffsidehooligans need to thank this beautiful man for his dramatics, interviews, and over-the-top personality.  You’ve given us much to write about, and we hope your fans (and haters) will continue to view our site until the end of your days.  Thanks CRon for being the biggest a$$hole on the planet.



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