Pep’s “Messi” Training Session


In a recent training session following the clasico, Pep finally tried to implement Messi’s training style in hopes for his other players to learn from the talented superstar. Luckily, only newcomer Cesc Fabregas took Pep seriously.

Xavi: Here it goes again...

Cesc: "What's Messi doing over there..."

Cesc: Messi has an interesting method....

Cesc: How does being a seal help you in football?..

Puyol: (Has no one told Cesc yet…)

Messi: Masch, not too much effort, okay?

Pep: *sigh*....this isn't working...

Messi: Pep I did good, so I play next match? yay!

Pep’s plan didn’t really work out but thankfully he has a group of talented, able-bodied players for Villareal to play against.


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