Recap of El Clasico Copa del Rey

You may know Jose Mourinho as the pseudo-mind playing-extra ballboy-chosen one, but he also earned his credential as a master insulter. After yet another unfair match against Barcelona, yes these opinions are starting to become as frequent as the el clasico’s themselves, Mourinho took his complaints one step further and decided to go straight to the source of why he and his team of models lost the match against Barcelona.

Against all warnings, he risked his life for a couple of minutes in the territory of Camp Nou, just so he can have a “talk” with the refs.  Reports say he insulted them for probably causing Real Madrid a shot at the Copa del Rey title, but it was most likely for causing them to lose to Barcelona…(again).  He apparently insulted the poor refs (who actually made the game pretty even since ALL calls on BOTH teams were pretty terrible) for not letting them qualify.

Mourinho (to the refs): We were the better team today.  We deserved less unfair calls against Barcelona.  Our 20 something fouls earned us the right to go to the semis.

Ref: Yeah but the final aggregate score was 4-3 Barcelona.  You can’t change the numbers.

Mourinho: But I can change you….and the assistant ref.  And the linesman, and the ballboys.  Not to mention the people in UNICEF…. ESPECIALLY the people in UNICEF.

The only thing Mou isn’t blaming is the universe.


Wait, he blamed that last season…


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