Preparing for Real Madrid

Yet another clasico will be coming, and in Iker’s words, “it’s getting decaffeinated” because they’re getting so frequent.  I have to disagree because from the looks of it, Barcelona is still preparing like it’s an EL clasico.  We have a picture and conversation of Leo Messi and lieutenant wing-man, Adriano, about their preparation for the clasico:

Messi: Adriano, how do you think Real Madrid will look in this weeks el clasico?

Adriano: Well, I know they’re going to hit us fast with counters.  Cristiano can meg Pinto as many times as he wants, and Pique probably won’t be there to save him unless Puyi plays.  They might go the defensive route and park the bus since they’re only down by 1 goal.  I mean, if it goes down to penalty kick (might as well meg Pinto 5 more times..) we might as well give them the Copa del Rey title. Why? How do you think they’ll look?

Messi: . . .



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