Mourinho’s Ploy: Messi’s New Adidas Shoes

Messi: "A free trophy AND free shoes!? Messi-gusta!"

As you may have heard (under all those Balotelli headlines in the media) Lionel Messi has won yet another Ballon d’Or trophy for being the best footballer out there.  It’s his three consecutive win for this award and *knock on wood* it won’t be his last.  On top of that, Adidas wants his to wear a pair of obnoxious colored boots to match his obnoxious trophy room.  But is our favorite velvet wearing football player in for sabotage?

These shoes seem as heavy as those 3 trophies!

Underneath all the good news are these golden colored Adidas cleats.  I’m up for a player being flashy on the pitch, as long as their personality lives up to it.  Case and point, Cristiano Ronaldo, pops the collar (totally not part or function of the uniform), unnecessary step-overs, slick hair, and obnoxious colored shoes.  It’s good, it WORKS.  Messi on the other hand, efficient, not flamboyant, total football.  These shoes seemed like a weird pairing for him.  But unreliable online sources say that Mourinho set this whole thing up to finally stop the unstoppable Lionel Messi.  It may just look like golden shoes but in reality they ARE golden shoes.  That’s probably another 20 pounds Lionel has to run around with.  And I doubt that he’ll reject wearing these hideous boots in fear of losing another crappy Adidas ad–that everyone (including myself) will probably youtube eventually.

Mourinho: "He won't even know what hit him..."

Yet another build up for the El Clasico.


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