An FCB Recap: Finally Finding Their Form

Okay, I’ll be the first one to admit it.  FC Barcelona hasn’t been doing as well as they did last season.  The over-congestion of top class midfielders maybe part of the reason or it maybe that the forwards forgotten how to finish, or its the lack of ball posession (the one defense Barca can rely on).  But everyone must calm down.  In the end, the motto still stands–“IN PEP WE TRUST”.  So here’s what happens to our players after they’ve found their form.

Sanchez: "If this doesn't find the back of the net...I'm fired."

Sanchez finally realizes that taking chances is better than not scoring at all. Like I said, strikers and forwards alike relearn how to finish. Messi, Villa, Sanchez isn’t as catchy as MVP(edro), but I’m sure cules can deal.

Messi: "No one ever carries me like that...maybe I should start scoring again."

I’m sure if the team finds ways to make Messi jealous, especially with people scoring the goals, he’ll make an attempt to find the back of the net.

Xavi "Thank you Sanchez! Maybe Pep will rest me now..."

Xavi makes even more miraculous passes in hopes for Pep to rest him. Especially during games when they’re up 4-0.

Dani Alves: "Congradulations for being onsides!!!"

Villa gets lucky and finds himself onsides. It earns a celebration.

VV: "Ref!! Can we please get yellow cards?"

hmmm…nuff said.

Well, that was pretty much the entirety of the game.  There was a photo op next day for FCB’s yearbook day.  We caught some pictures of the players looking at their club and all its greatness.

Sanchez: "Dani why am I not in here?"

Newbie Sanchez desperately tries to find photos of himself in the yearbook.

Messi: "No words??...just pictures?! I love this book"

Messi is disappointed that all the photos were already colored in.

Next formation 0-10-0

Puyi tries to recruit Pep because???…

Those are our players no matter how weird and unpredictable they are! As you can see, no player rifts in these photos, everyone seems to be content in being at FCB, ect, ect. El Clasico is in 2 weeks and if we can keep this form up, well…we might have a chance! Oh, and Pique might receive a 2 match ban after being accused of deliberately getting a yellow card. (It means he might miss El Clasico). Cross your fingers and—

¡Visca Barca!


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