FC Barcelona: Post International Break

Are you guys ready for the match against Real Zaragoza?! We did some undercover scouting in the Camp Nou.  We’re happy to report that we found our players focused and in tip-top shape (FIFA virus free and everything *knock on wood*).  From these photos we took, it seems like they’re ready and rearing to go for today’s Zaragoza match and the upcoming Champions League on Wednesday against AC Milan.

Messi: "Is stretching a type of rest"

Puyol:"So I do yoga, and Pep does ti-chi...I need to tweet this to Pique.."


"Yeahh...from the looks of it, Pep won't be too happy with Pedro"

Pique:"Jaja so Puyi just tweeted me..."

Mascherano:"and then, AND THEN he made you take our picture!"

Keita: "The ONE thing I can do better than Messi..."

Villa:"Hehe, chance to be offsides"

Well there you have it! Another accomplished training session with Barca. Let’s just hope they’re this motivated come match day!


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