Survival of the Fittest

Nope this isn't photoshopped.

We all know someone on the playground needs to be picked on.  It’s practically a law of nature, because in the real world the fittest are the one to survive.  But this week the fittest have failed and the underdogs have won.  Yes, people could side with the “Manchester City aren’t underdogs because they were in the top of their league”, but in the real world Manchester City don’t really win against Manchester United (…especially at the Old Trafford). It’s one of the most popular stories and games this week and unless you decided to live under a rock, the 1-6 defeat of Man U rocked the football world.

(Okay maybe I was a BIT dramatic on that last sentence…)

Manchester United deployed a heavily favored attacking lineup and Manchester City took a huge chance with not going defensive.  Why would they?  As I always say, “go big or go home”, and ManCity gambled with the former and won. BIG.  I’m not a big fan of either teams but this derby was one I marked on my calender since their season started.  I’ve heard crazy things like Manchester United was the best team in the world–to ManCity pretty much bought their entire team….which were pretty much both true, but I didn’t let opinions delude my judgement of the way each team played.

I’m not a big fan of buying players for the sake of making an all-star team because that’s not making an all-star team–that’s buying an all-star team. But boy do I hate not being a big fan of Manchester City.  They held their ground without getting discouraged even when Manchester United was pressing them the entire first 20 minutes!  And not to mention my now new favorite player in the entire world (next to Xavi and offsides extraordinaire David Villa) David Silva.  David Silva’s performance was one of the best I’ve seen this season.  He did everything but play as the keeper.  His vision soars above anyone else in the Premier League.

Silva makes it look so0o cool.

Manchester United played like…well I have no words to describe how they played or why they made the decisions they did.  They were in good form the first 20 minutes, but after ManCity scored their first goal, ManU threw everything that dealt with football (maybe besides kicking the ball) out their minds.  They were swimming in yellow cards and decided that the best thing to do while they were losing was acquire a red.  Ferguson even said that they played like idiots.  It wasn’t that direct but you get the gist.

So did ManU play bad or did underdogs ManCity just want it more?  Being starved of a ManUnited win for years can get a team craving for win.  But hunger alone can’t account for a 1-6 trashing.  Manchester United just stopped playing after City hammered the 3rd goal.  Manchester United have more organization on their team but if shutting down because they’re behind on goals is their biggest mistake.  Manchester City simply won because individually City has all-star players and their drive to win, well…really did cause them to win.

I’m not undermining Manchester United.  I know they’re a good team and there’s no doubt they’ll survive this loss.  It’s how they play the next derby that’ll decide how fit they really are.  For now ManCity can enjoy gloating and putting on their smug faces–hell I know I am.


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