Fernando Torres Gets Bewitched. Andres Iniesta develops his ESP.

During yesterday’s Champions League match (Chelsea vs. KCR GenK) Fernando Torres displayed an exceptional performance that finally shut me and probably thousands up.  Speculations of El Nino’s new and long awaited improved form was due to his teammate and certified Brazilian witchdoctor David Luiz.  Luiz was probably desperate to get Torres into shape to finally equalize the transfer fee of Torres to Chelsea.  This lead to a 5-0 trashing and an optimistic Torres.  Now off to learn what secret chants Lionel Messi uses…


Meanwhile on the pitch of Camp Nou, Andres Iniesta further develops his telepathic ability by using a new partner Lionel Messi.  Iniesta’s telepathic ability is starting to rival Villa’s ability to be offsides.  Case and point, Iniesta’s telepathic connection with Xavi are to no one’s surprise (last years season provided more than enough evidence to make it a known fact).  So while UEFA are still debating on whether to ban this 6th sense,  Iniesta continues to make the impossible look impossibly easy.


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