A Modern Tragedy: Wayne Rooney

Rooney's Titanic moment...


Try to go back to your high school days where you’ve read stories of MacBeth and Oedipus.  Back then they seemed like pretty obnoxious stories, since one mistake can’t possibly dictate a man’s life–but that’s what a tragedy is.  A tragedy consists of a hero who is above the common man who gives into his fatal flaw or makes a mistake that will in-turn be the cause of his downfall.  Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney is the same exact way.

Picked out of Liverpool and thrown into the world of football, Rooney had more than enough talent to get England the Premier League talking.  But accompanying his prolific goalscoring abilities was, and still is, his temper.  Here is the latest and prime example of his rage:

Now we don’t know why Rooney reacted so violently on the pitch.  Did he do it because his father and uncle were arrested?  Was the game really not turning out the way he predicted it? Maybe Dzudovic did his job too well in defending.  Who knows but within every genius is a flaw, anguish, or some sort of secret which remain unresolved. This is why Rooney is such a dynamic character.  A player who gives into their emotion sets themselves up as being equal with the fans.  This equality in turn gives fans something to cheer about because “he’s just like one of us!”

But the reality is, he’s not.  Not everyone is a millionaire.  Not everyone is the 3rd highest paid football player in the world.  Not many people are rich, good looking, and a great player.  So this is where Rooney makes his mistake, not only does he give into his emotion, but out of every emotion he has he decides to choose his anger.  This leads him to a path of yellow and red cards, as well as banishment from very important games such as..hmm… the Euro 2012.

Wayne hasn’t fulfilled the title of being a tragic hero because he hasn’t changed…at all.  He’s still that hot headed kid that does whatever he wants, simply because well, he’s Wayne Rooney.

Now the verdict is in.  Wayne Rooney will serve a 3 match ban during the Euro 2012 this summer.  Why? Simple, because he’s an idiot. During the England’s game against Montenegro, Wayne Rooney got a bit frustrated because the ball wasn’t going his way and decided to kick Miodrag Dzudovic off the ball.  I don’t know what was going on in his head, because before he decided to think with anything other than his brain, England was winning 2-1.  Now after a much publicized and ridiculed letter of apology, Rooney will once again let England and his national teammates down.

People now wonder whether Capello will play Rooney after he serves those match bans.  If England does make it that far, will the manager ban him further for disciplinary reasons?  Sadly, the answer is no.  Rooney is too good of a player and he can very well score crucial goals.  So as long as Wayne Rooney eats his daily meals, sleep well, and occasionally play football—he’ll continue to make moronic decisions.  And as long as he’s making goals, we’ll keep buying it.

So who’s the idiot–him or us?


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